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Lionel Tertis Celebration with Timothy Ridout, Frank Dupree and James Baillieu

Presto Classical, recording of the week,A Lionel Tertis Celebration from Timothy Ridout with Frank Dupree and James Baillieu

This beautifully-performed and curated recital paints a vivid picture of the great violist in his capacities as commissioner, composer and arranger – featuring works by composers including York Bowen, Rebecca Clarke, Eric Coates, Frank Bridge and William Henry Reed.

Gramophone Magazine, February 2024
All told, it’s a most rewarding programme that gathers together an unusual array of ear-catching pieces in performances that present the music in its best possible light.

Presto Music, January 2024
it’s a treat to bask in the range of colours which Ridout draws from his middle and lower registers here, his overall sound noticeably less brawny than it was on his recording of the Elgar concerto now that he’s not working hard to project over an orchestral backdrop conceived for a more powerful instrument…Could another Ridout/Tertis awards triumph be on the cards for 2024? I’d say the odds are good.